Who We Are

"Get going. Get up and walk if you have to, but finish the darn race": Our Values and What We're About

There is a distinctive look that trail runners get in their eyes when they are on a trail, especially if they are close to finishing their run. It’s a look of determination, sometimes relief. What is always present though, is a sense of incomparable personal accomplishment. 

Drop bag empty, gel packs spent, shoes wrecked, caked in dirt or mud… that look is ALWAYS there. Sometimes it’s just beneath the surface and other times it’s dripping from them like sweat. It’s the fabric on their clothes. Soaked through into their skin.


About Us

Trail Running Addicts was created and is run by Aaron Burns and his girlfriend, Rachel Klungel. We are a small business (with big ambitions!) that operates out of London, Ontario Canada officially known as “The Forest City”.

We have always loved what trail running does for people so we made it our purpose to capture that spirit – as much as possible so you can stay true to the trail both on and off of it. We design products that embody the feelings of running trails for endurance enthusiasts, obsessed ultra marathoners, weekend warriors and everyone in between!


Our Values


Trail running is a solo journey but there’s a lot to learn through community. We are a safe place for runners to express and progress together.


We offer our best to everyone we interact with; athletes, consumers, employees and partners.

Imagination and Progress

Life presents endless opportunities so we are constantly looking ahead to improve our products, customer experience and community even if that means rewriting the rules.